Our Occupational Therapists help people to live more independently. They provide help to people of all ages from children with developmental delays to adults with physical, neurological, mental and intellectual impairments.

The NAPHL Health Hub is a registered NDIS provider

They can help with:

  • Assistive technology prescription to improve independence and better engagement in activities of everyday life.
  • Major and minor home modifications to increase independence and safety within a person’s home environment in response to a physical or neurological disability.
  • Individual therapy to increase a person’s independence in activities of everyday living including play, self-care, meal-time, leisure, domestic tasks and community access and participation.
  • Functional capacity assessments to support the NDIS with providing necessary supports to meet a person’s goals.


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Occupational Therapy for children 

Our Occupational Therapists love helping children with developmental delays. They work with children one-on-one and provide a comprehensive assessment and report to identify issues in sensory, motor coordination and visual perception. 

Our Occupational Therapists focus on seven main areas of development:

  • Gross motor skills (movements of the large muscles of the arms, legs and torso)
  • Fine motor skills (movement of the wrists, hands, fingers and toes)
  • Emotional regulation
  • Social skills and behaviour
  • Sensory
  • Self-care (toileting, dressing, feeding)
  • Play

They can also help with school-based difficulties such as attention/concentration, handwriting, pencil control, copying and forming letters. Our Occupational Therapy clients in Townsville have the opportunity to have joint sessions with other disciplines such as Speech Pathology.