Northern Australia Primary Health Limited has helped improve the health and wellbeing of hundreds of people living with disabilities since the National Disability Insurance Scheme was introduced.

NAPHL, which is a not-for-profit health care organisation based in Northern Queensland, has a comprehensive team of allied and mental health clinicians that work collaboratively to offer holistic care to NDIS participants.

The huge range of NAPHL services available to NDIS participants include Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Dietetics, Podiatry, Exercise Physiology, Speech Pathology and Psychology.

NAPHL Allied Health and NDIS Director Danni Hocking said NDIS participants were usually assessed first to determine what services and funding was needed to provide the highest quality of care.

“The role of NAPHL in optimising a client’s lifestyle and achieving their goals starts with a Functional Capacity Evaluation,” she said.

“This report is designed to look at the person’s life including personal and domestic activities, interaction with the environment, access to the community and how their social networks can be enhanced.

“These reports aim to identify future funding needs for the client to achieve their goals in addition to identifying other supports such as Podiatry, Physiotherapy and Exercise Physiology which can all be used to maximise mobility. OT’s can help participants develop skills in activities of daily living and dietitians assist with meal planning and healthy shopping education for participants and their carers.

“We also work with support coordinators to complement the service delivery and maximise access to programs and resources.”

The organisation’s mental health clinicians and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island Health workers ensure that an inclusive service is offered to NDIS participants.

Ms Hocking said NAPHL was proud to have improved the lives of many NDIS participants who had accessed NAPHL services.
She said one NDIS participant who had great results had come to NAPHL struggling with being very isolated due to their reduced mobility and limitations to seating solutions.

She couldn’t go out into the community because her posture was compromised, and she didn’t have a modified wheelchair.

“Our service really opened up her world by getting her that right wheelchair to meet her functional needs, while her Functional Capacity Evaluation enabled her to get more funding to access more support services,” Ms Hocking said.

Our service really opened up her world by getting her that right wheelchair to meet her functional needs

Ms Hocking said NAPHL helped another NDIS participant who had a disability since birth, couldn’t walk and relied on a wheelchair while his primary carers were his elderly parents.

“Our service enabled him to have his bathroom modified and access to new equipment to provide dignity with showering, more access to the community, support for his family to give them a break. These options have enhanced his quality of life.”

NAPHL is also continuing to expand the services offered to NDIS participants with more clinicians across multiple disciplines being recruited.

The organisation is also increasing NDIS services offered out of their Cairns office with an Occupational Therapist and Dietitian now based there who services not only Cairns but the surrounding communities.