Location: Cairns

Anna is an Accredited Mental Health Social Worker with a passion for helping individuals and families address mental health issues and overcome challenges and crises.

Anna has a Masters of Social Work, a Bachelor of International Studies and Developmental Anthropology and an Associate Degree in Applied Clinical Health Sciences. She is also an Accredited Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapist, an Acceptance Commitment Therapy practitioner and Dialectical Behaviour Therapy practitioner. She has over a decade of Social Work practice experience.

Anna is a passionate practitioner who believes her therapeutic relationship with clients is a partnership. She provides psychoeducation and clinical expertise in a safe space where clients can address their mental health issues in tangible, effective and empowering ways. Anna is aware that the external practical and material stressors of everyday life are of key relevance to well mental health as well as the psychological lived-experience of the client.

As a clinician who has worked with clients across the lifespan in both remote and regional locations, Anna has extensive experience working with individuals, families, children and young people with a variety of therapeutic needs, including suicide assessment and prevention, anxiety, depression, substance misuse, family and domestic violence and sexual abuse.

Anna provides individual and family therapeutic sessions, and can provide risk assessments, intervention treatment plans, safety plans and ongoing counselling. She also provides training, feedback, and intervention crisis management plans for parents or carers of clients across the lifespan with complex volatile behavioural and emotional mental health risks.