As if you needed more reasons to look after your health, a NAPHL Dietitian says your kidneys depend on it.

Accredited Practising Dietitian Jessie Veitch took time out to share her top tips for protecting the health of your kidneys and why it’s so important.

“Our kidneys are so important that we have two of them,” Jessie says. “The main role of our kidneys is to filter our blood and remove any waste products from our body.”

She says the best way to protect the health of your kidneys is to live a healthy lifestyle by eating well and being active.

“Aim for a healthy weight and lose weight if you are overweight. If you have diabetes, it is important to manage your blood sugar levels. Having good control of your blood pressure and cholesterol levels is also important to help protect your kidney health. Find enjoyable ways of being active and spend time with friend and family doing the things you love. Most importantly never be afraid to ask for help.”

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with Kidney Disease, Jessie says it is still possible to live a healthy, happy life with support.

“Find support through your medical team including your dietitian to ensure you eat a healthy and enjoyable diet which allows you to feel in control of your disease,” she says.

“A dietitian can help someone with newly diagnosed kidney disease to better understand their condition and the important role of diet in the management of kidney disease. Dietitians can provide individualised support based on your symptoms and current health needs.

“A dietitian may also help to manage other conditions such as diabetes, blood pressure and weight through dietary means to help slow the progression of your kidney disease. Most importantly, a dietitian will work with you to create a food plan that include foods that are healthy for you whilst also being enjoyable.”