Healthy eating can often come unstuck when eating out, especially when there are lots of different options on offer. This is never more the case than buffets and smorgasbords which almost always feature copious amounts of food and plenty of overindulgent options to tempt you. 

NAPHL dietitian, Alyce Rees shares her top tips for eating smart at a buffet. 

1. Check out the entire buffet before you start filling your plate - choose the foods which appeal to you and that you feel like rather than just putting some of everything on your plate.

2. Divide your plate into quarters – First fill half of your plate with vegetables and leafy salads, secondly fill a quarter of your plate with lean protein and then fill the remaining quarter with carbohydrates such as wholegrain bread, rice, pasta or potato 

3. Eat mindfully - Give your full attention to the eating process and take the time to savour the food.  A buffet is not just about the food, it is also about the occasion and the company you are with.

4. Choose low sugar beverages – steer clear of soft drink, juice and iced teas. Better options include water, soda water or diet soft drink.  

5. Wait at least 10 minutes before going back for seconds - give your brain time to catch up and you might find that you're no longer hungry for more. Sit back, relax and chat to the person beside you. Food will still be there if you feel like more

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