Are you worried about your loved one’s bone strength or what might happen if they have a fall?

The NAPHL Health Hub is offering a fun group exercise program in Townsville focused on improving strength, balance and mobility.  

NAPHL Health Hub Accredited Exercise Physiologist Aric Visentin said the Strong and Steady Program is suitable for anyone diagnosed with or at risk of Osteoporosis, Osteopenia or conditions that impact on bone health.

“The Strong and Steady Program can optimise your quality of life, supporting you to be strong and steady for everyday activities and the things that you enjoy,” Mr Visentin said.

“It is important for people with or at risk of Osteoporosis or Osteopenia to improve their strength and balance in order to reduce the risk of fracture and falls, and increase their overall functionality.”

The program involves a series of activities guided by a university-qualified Exercise Physiologist that will help improve bone strength, reduce the risk of fracturing bones and help prevent you from falling and causing injury.


Mr Visentin (pictured) said the Strong and Steady Program is fun, informative and non-judgemental.

“If you have had a fall in the past year, had a recent minimal trauma fracture or over the age of 50 looking at increasing your strength and balance, this program is for you.

“The classes include education sessions and circuit training where we rotate through a series of exercises in small groups.  

“If you like a few old school dances, I incorporate that into the sessions as well.

“Overall, I am passionate about finding what form of exercise you enjoy and providing an environment and program that will be beneficial to you in the short and long term.”

Classes are $15 per person per group class and run twice a week. If you're not comfortable in a group environment we can also provide individual sessions in our private gym or at your home.

Phone (07) 4722 8750 to book an initial consultation and take the first step to becoming strong and steady.

The Strong and Steady Program is suitable for people with:

  1. Osteoporosis and Osteopenia.
  2. A prescription for Corticosteroids, a medication used for asthma, rheumatoid arthritis and other inflammatory conditions.
  3. Low hormone levels, including females going through early menopause and males with low testosterone.
  4. Conditions that lead to malabsorption, such as Coeliac Disease and Inflammatory Bowel Disease.
  5. Chronic disease such as Chronic Kidney/Liver Disease and Rheumatoid Arthritis.
  6. Medication for cancer of the breast or prostate.