General Practitioners and Practice Nurses in North Queensland are invited to this full-day event facilitated by Dr Michael Clements a General Practitioner who is also a reservist in the RAAF, Dr Kerry Summerscales a GP and Veteran who recently transitioned out of Defence and Dr Anand Gundabawady a Psychiatrist providing on base psychiatric services to ADF members in Townsville.

This event is pending RACGP approval for 40 CPD accredited activity points.


Educational Activity Aim - Men, Women & Mental Health

This course aims to identify common clinical presentations in both men and women Defence Veterans, with a focus on PTSD, sleep disturbance, agitation and aggression and therapeutic management options for Veterans and those in the first year after transitioning from ADF.


  • Dr Michael Clements: a General Practitioner and reservist in the RAAF
  • Dr Kerry Summerscales: a General Practitioner and Veteran who recently transitioned out of Defence
  • Dr Anand Gundabawady: Psychiatrist providing on base psychiatric services to ADF members

 Learning Outcomes

Men's Health

  • Learning Outcome #1 – Describe the common presentations of illness for males in the immediate post-discharge period
  • Learning Outcome #2 - Describe the common bio-psycho-social journey for male patients in the 12 months after discharge

Women's Health

  • Learning Outcome #3 - Compare and contrast the common clinical presentations for female to male Veterans in the first 12 months post transition from the ADF
  • Learning Outcome #4 - Evaluate the reason the ‘By the Left’ campaign came into being and what it has achieved

Mental Health

  • Learning Outcome #5 - Diagnose PTSD utilising the current criteria for PTSD and implement treatment options for veterans
  • Learning Outcome #6 - Examine medication and therapeutic options for dealing with sleep disturbance in the veteran population 
  • Learning Outcome #7 - Formulate a management approach to the veteran experiencing agitation and aggression
  • Learning Outcome #8 - Formulate therapeutic goals and management options for a veteran in the year after transition from ADF



This event is supported by funding from The OASIS Townsville.





Northern Australia Primary Health Limited (NAPHL) is offering sponsorship up to the amount of $1,000 (ex GST) for travel and accommodation to attend the ‘In the Minds of Men & Women, After Service’ event.

This sponsorship has been funded by the OASIS Townsville.

If you are a General Practitioner currently not living in Townsville, but live within NAPHL’s North Queensland footprint, you are eligible to apply.

To apply for sponsorship, you will need to email the below details to [email protected]:

  • Your Name
  • Your Practice Name
  • Where you are located

The success of your application will depend on where you are located as attendance from rural and remote locations will be given priority.

In the event that multiple applicants apply from rural and remote locations, the sponsorship will be given as a first in, first served basis.

If there are no applicants from rural and remote locations, then the sponsorship will be awarded to the first applicant located outside of the Townsville Region.

The sponsorship can be used for travel and accommodation expenses. Upon successful completion of the ‘In the Minds of Men and Women, After Service’ event, you will need to submit your receipts to NAPHL within 1 week of completing the event for reimbursement.

Applications will close on Monday 13 September 2021 at 5pm.

Successful applicants will be notified by Wednesday 15 September 2021.



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